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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 14, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, new theory about missing flight 370. an american team is on the move right now sending a ship to a different area as new evidence shows this could have been no accident. turbulent takeoff. a plane on its nose and people running for their lives. new details unfolding overnight about the dramatic scene. inquisitive cat. a park visitor unknowingly comes inches from a cheetah after leaving his sunroof open. and gaga's getup. mother monster makes an appearance wearing something that must have been in the kitchen cabinet. good friday morning. i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez.
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>> and i'm john muller. there is further indication this morning that the disappearance of malaysian airlines flight 370 was not caused by a malfunction but was deliberately done. >> abc's kristin fisher is following the latest from washington. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, john and marci. well, u.s. investigators say they are now convinced that someone manually intervened with the plane's communication system. this morning american ships are on the move heading to the edge of the indian ocean where u.s. officials say there is an indication flight 370 may have gone down. they're now seriously considering the possibility that the plane's disappearance was not an accident. two sources tell abc news that the plane's two communication systems were shut down separately adding fuel to the theory that this may have been a deliberate act. >> maybe it was a hijacking. maybe it was a pilot suicide. maybe there was some elaborate plan to take this airplane somewhere and do something with it. >> reporter: officials tell abc news the plane may have flown up to four hours beyond its last
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sighting on radar, and they know this because the jet was apparently pinging a satellite every hour. the possibilities just keep growing. at the malaysian airport where flight 370 took off, passengers are still praying for the 239 people still missing. >> but i'm just -- i'm still hopeful. i'm still hopeful. >> reporter: about 40 ships and 40 aircrafts from 12 countries are still searching for the missing plane, but these experts are getting help from armchair investigators all over the world. more than a million people have used a colorado-based satellite system to scan images from home looking for clues to the fate of flight 370. >> i think when you see those families and the uncertainty they're dealing with, you'd like to help in some small way if you could. >> reporter: a plane this big missing for this long and with so few leads, it's unprecedented. experts believe that this will end up being the most expensive aviation investigation ever. john and marci. >> all right. kristin, we're six days into the
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search. there are so many theories out there. are there any theories we can rule out at this point? >> reporter: not with 100% certainty. in fact, you know, this search is only expanding even further into the indian ocean. so it just seems with each passing day, there's still more questions than answers. back to you. >> kristin fisher live in washington. thank you. and abc news is working this story 24/7. we'll have the very latest later on "good morning america." now, the other big story this morning involves another airliner, a very close call as the nose gear on a us airways plane failed on takeoff. that forced the pilot to abort and the passengers to evacuate on slides. some of them had cameras recording it all. >> it's really tough to tell. i see smoke down there. we're going to dispatch the emergency vehicles. >> reporter: these are the images after the flight came to a screeching halt at philadelphia international airport. >> oh, my god, my plane. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: frantic passengers sliding down the emergency chutes on the runway sprinting from the smoking plane to get as far away as possible.
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>> we are evacuating the plane. oh, my god. >> just as we start to get airborne, the plane dipped down in the front, and the front wheels touched a bit. >> reporter: pilots on us airways flight 1702 to florida with 149 aboard were forced to abort takeoff after the landing gear collapsed and blew a tire. >> the plane was really hitting the front and then assuming the front wheel just broke off, then we just started sliding. people were screaming. >> reporter: the airport was briefly shut down. all planes were grounded and the injuries all minor. >> most people complained about being cold. >> reporter: some of the passengers opted to get back on another flight to ft. lauderdale. in philadelphia crews have been on the scene throughout the night inspecting the plane underlying just how lucky the passengers and crews were. only three minor injuries reported. there may be more charges for the man accused of a deadly accident in austin during the south by southwest festival. police and eyewitnesses say rashad owens gunned the engine
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as he plowed into a crowd outside of a nightclub. he's being charged with two murders and aggravated assault. drunk driving may be added once the results of a blood test are known. cops say owens was fleeing a sobriety checkpoint. the death toll in a new york city building blast is now at least eight with five people still missing. searchers are using dogs and thermal detection gear, and they're only about halfway through the rubble. the cause was a natural gas explosion, but it is not certain exactly where it was triggered. investigators have to wait until everyone is accounted for. attorneys defending oscar pistorius at his murder trial are expected to grill police investigators today. one of them testified yesterday about the trail of blood he found in pistorius' home just moments after the death of reeva steenkamp. at one point during the gruesome testimony, pistorius covered his head with papers and violently heaved. the ukraine crisis is coming to a boil. secretary of state john kerry has just arrived in london for
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another face-to-face meeting with his russian counterpart. they'll be discussing sunday's vote in crimea on whether to stay part of ukraine or again be part of russia. at least one person died in clashes between pro-russian and pro-ukrainian protesters in another part of ukraine, and russia is massing its troops along its border with ukraine prompting a threat of major european sanctions. all right. back here at home, the folks in western new york state might not want to hear that spring is set to officially arrive next thursday. >> that's because in some areas they have two fresh feet of snow on the ground, and they can expect more precipitation in that area today. right now there is even more in the forecast for spring's arrival on the 20th. all right, no snow, but there is a good chance you'll need an umbrella in the pacific northwest today. you also might need one around the great lakes, but the rest of the midwest should be dry. it'll be windy from the midwest up to the northeast. seattle will be about 54. 59 in both albuquerque and salt
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lake city. a balmy 42 in minneapolis. a few degrees warmer in memphis. 47 in detroit and new york, and it'll be 75 degrees in miami. hello, mr. president. why mark zuckerberg is so frustrated, he picked up the phone and called president obama himself. sports safety. there is a new push to protect athletes of all ages, and it's not just about football anymore. plus, new details from the woman ripped from her car during a wild police chase. we're going to show you her terrifying ordeal. now hear what she was thinking when this all went down.
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welcome back. getting premium service online is getting more expensive. amazon will charge $20 more a year for amazon prime, which provides faster shipping and video streaming. the online giant says it is the first increase for amazon prime since it began nine years ago, and you can still subscribe for a year at the old price if you sign up in the next week. markets across asia followed wall street's lead by plunging in overnight trading. the sell-off is being blamed in part on the tension in ukraine we told you about. here in the u.s. yesterday, all three major averages slid more than 1%. there's new hope this morning for the long-term unemployed. a bipartisan group of senators has worked out a deal to reinstate the program, which ran out at the end of last year. as a compromise, it would be retroactive and run through late may. the full senate is likely to approve the $10 billion deal, but its future in the house is not as certain. in a rant on its facebook page, company founder mark zuckerberg lashed out at u.s.
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government spying. when it comes to facebook security, zuckerberg said, "we imagine we're protecting you against criminals, not our own government." he added that he vented in a recent phone call with president obama. >> now you can take one of the most spectacular rafting trips in the u.s. without getting wet. >> wow. cool map street view. the option there will take you down nearly 300 miles of the colorado river including right through the grand canyon. >> it's the result of a partnership with the advocacy group american rivers, which calls the colorado one of our most endangered rivers. >> i want to try that. that looks cool. >> i know. all right. when we come back, look out below, falling from the sky and landing on cars, what caused all the damage. plus, buzzer beater. one of the most exciting endings to a basketball game you will ever see. lemme just get this out of here. to go. unlike some places, we don't just change your oil.
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in chicago a brutal winter is giving way to a dangerous trau. the ice falling off buildings yesterday created a dangerous situation. some pieces so big they damaged cars and crushed windshields. police closed off streets to keep pedestrians and vehicles away from all the falling ice. well, it should be easier to drive in other places today. roads will be wet with rain in the pacific northwest and along the gulf coast. they'll be slippery with snow and ice in the rockies and around the great lakes. if you're flying, no major airport delays are expected. back to the news and a new effort to protect athletes of all ages. >> congress is looking into the problem of head injuries, particularly in football and hockey to both amateur and professional athletes. the nfl, which has been the focal point for concussion concerns, claims new rule changes are effectively addressing the problem. >> you've seen a greater emphasis on eliminating helmet-to-helmet hits in our game. you've seen a greater emphasis on eliminating the use of the crown of the helmet
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in our game, and you've seen fines and suspensions. >> the hearing also focused on increasing concern about head injuries in soccer with former u.s. women's goalie briana scurry testifying multiple concussions forced her to retire from the sport she loved. well, the approval of a powerful painkiller drug is creating controversy. the head of the fda defends zohydro insisting it meets government standards filling an important need. it is a pure form of hydrocodone. the most abused prescription drug in the u.s., and critics say zohydro should be pulled from the market. colorado has hosted its first marijuana industry job fair. job seekers lined up hours early yesterday in denver for a chance to discuss work opportunities with 17 marijuana-based businesses. they were looking to hire about 150 people. this week colorado officials said the state made about $2 million in marijuana taxes just in january, and that's expected to rise as more retailers are licensed. this morning red-faced authorities in california are
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searching for an inmate who escaped from a downtown los angeles jail. surveillance images showing christopher lee brown, who was sentenced wednesday to four years and eight months for stealing computers from a medical center, walking out of jail later that same night. he impersonated another inmate to get out. well, it was a moment that both horrified and captivated the nation. a woman being carjacked and fighting to save her car as the suspect sped away. zune wharton is okay but realizes now she probably should not have fought her attacker. she calls her experience surreal saying things happened so fast, she could barely react. >> when i saw it, it kind of shook me a little bit like what the heck was i thinking. i realize, you know, he's jumping into my car, and
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instinctually, i don't know why, but i just tried to grab back on. >> while zune is relieved she got through this all unharmed, she says she is frustrated that the suspect, a repeat offender, was out of jail in the first place. >> we talked about that yesterday and talked about how tough she was. >> right, and what was going through her mind. good she probably regrets the reaction. not the safest plan. a peaceful end to a hockey fight to show you now. a couple of guys in a minor league in quebec, canada, were really going at it the other night. >> man, oh, man. each man throwing throwing punch after punch, and when they were both completely exhausted, you're going to see it right here, they end with a high-five, and they hugged it out. >> wow. >> oh, my goodness. >> i don't think you have any anger left after that. done. >> nothing left to do but hug it out. >> wow, all right. we're going to find out all the teams that are going to be part of this year's march madness on sunday. >> but before that, some major conference titles need to be handed out. with highlights from yesterday's action, here is our friends from espn. good morning, america. welcome to the "sportscenter" set in bristol, connecticut,
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which is two hours from new york, site of the big east basketball tournament at madison square garden. he's stan verrett. i'm neil everett. let's go there now. >> a lot of talk about seeds this time of year and we're not talking plants, we're talking college basketball season. seton hall and villanova. jaren sina and darrun hilliard with a floater to put villanova on top by one. they're looking like a one seed but sterling gibbs says, i got your one seed here. you may remember his brother ashton gibbs played in pittsburgh. sterling gibbs breaking hearts at villanova. villanova, 16-2 in the big east in the regular season. our joe lunardi, bracktologist, says they're still a one seed but we'll see. same court, there's coach mcdermott. here comes son mcdermott. doug mcdermott. creighton/depaul. depaul killed georgetown's buzz, but there would be nothing left for depaul. mcdermott was a touch too much. the nation's leading scorer put it on depaul to the tune of 35. creighton wins by many.
4:19 am
creighton or xavier are going to be in the big east title game in their first year in the conference. >> and i saw a manu ginobili move and i saw a dirk nowitzki move there by mcdermott. >> you're going to see me, us making a move out of here right now. >> back to you. >> all right, guys. did somebody say march madness? here's some of it, and it is also our "play of the day." it happened last night in minnesota's boys high school basketball tournament. this is awesome. in the fourth overtime, yes, fourth overtime of the semifinal game, a kid gets a pass and swish, it's a win. >> wow. the refs reviewed the play to make sure the shot was taken in time, and it was. he just barely made it. >> just made it. >> that put the kids from hopkins high school into the state title game for the fourth time in the last six years. >> that has it all. like a three -- the shot is just incredible even if it was just a throwaway game. it's a state title game. the shot goes in, and it's the fourth overtime. >> too cool. that guy is the hero today.
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>> i'm all geeked up about that. >> i know you are. all right. up next, "the pulse" where mother monster is at it again. what is lady gaga wearing now? >> and face-to-face, a tourist gets put in a simply dangerous situation and doesn't even realize it. [ amy ] there once was a mother who could not unwind. she tossed and turned and couldn't turn off her mind. it was hard for her to sleep, even one little ounce. then she discovered tide, downy, and bounce. soothing scents for your sheets, your pj's, too. the sweet dreams collection -- it's a breakthrough! the moral of this tale shouldn't be controversial. buy the sweet dreams collection, because this is a commercial. shh! no! shh! ♪ [ click ]
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4:23 am
>> yeah, a vision in white. take it all in. a ruffly dress, cape and gigantic matching hat. she told jimmy it's all made of coffee filters. >> coffee filters? >> uh-huh. >> the creation is actually by a london designer just shown at a paris fashion week, something only maybe lady gaga could pull off. >> i actually -- >> could you rock those shoes? >> i almost wore that same exact outfit to work today, which would have been really awkward. >> would have been really awkward. exactly. all right. would you put a child in a tank with sharks? that's exactly what the producers of tonight's episode of the abc hit, "shark tank," will do. >> yeah, tonight's show is about kid entrepreneurs including pint-sized prodigy right there. kiowa, who becomes the show's youngest ever inventor. she's just 7 years old and she's just 7 years old and she pitches her idea on paint-on bandages. she calls these paint-on bandages boo boo goo.
4:24 am
more from her on "gma" and see her ask the panel for a $100,000 investment. would you give $100,000 to a kid who is 7 years old? >> sounds like a good idea. >> with a name like boo boo goo, it's got to be good, right? >> we'll see. stunning encounter during a safari in the african nation of tanzania. >> just look at the incredible shots of a young cheetah as it climbed onto a land rover with several people inside. the animal unknowingly posing perfectly for these snapshots even sticking its head into the vehicle's sunroof, so its teeth and claws just inches away from the passengers, oh, my goodness. >> that's when you go fishing for m&ms and go, here, take one. the woman taking the pictures said it seemed like the animal was actually trying to see who else was in the vehicle with her. >> when you see it coming -- >> curious cat, though. >> when you see it coming, don't you close the sunroof? >> i know i would. >> lock the doors, the whole thing and just kind of hide. >> ooh. now we're ready to take pictures. but now watch this. the money shot that proves, yeah, that's the one. now i'm closing the window. >> they are braver than i, but they have some good pictures and a good story to tell. >> brave or something. i'm not sure what. for some of you, your local
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a good friday morning. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. starting off with the weather forecast. mike? >> good morning, nice to see you. notice the winds. the direction is coming on shore today. at 17-miles-per-hour gusts at oakland. 13-miles-per-hour gusts from the south. in fairfield it is flowing to the northeast at ten miles per hour. that will lead to clouds this morning along the coast and throughout the bay. by the afternoon, we have a cold front to the north creating this flow bringing cooler weather today. low 60's along the coast. mid-60's to low 70's around the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland the least affected by the marine layer. leyla gulen?
4:29 am
>> as we talk about traffic this morning, friday lite so far. we have areas of construction but well start off in san jose where we are lobbying at clear conditions with top speeds on 101 and 85, 86, 280, everything is clear. drive time traffic over the altamont pass to 24 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway 4 westbound from antioch to concord 14 minutes and 101 to san francisco from san rafael is 17 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is smooth. it is empty from the maze to san francisco. katie? >> 4:29. we have break news from hayward where power lines brought pg&e and police to a home on stolewall avenue. what illegal substance did they find inside? matt? marijuana plants. the officer is here on the scene keeping it safe and clear until
4:30 am
narcotics investigations continue when they get the search warrant. this was discovered after a neighbor called 9-1-1 before midnight reporting a small fire on the roof. firefighters wanted to make sure it does not spread. no one was home so they forced their way in and found a large marijuana "grow" operation with several rooms filled with plants. >> crews checked to see if there are any issues with the electrical lines. they require a lot of power. they are trying figure out who lives here. investigators are looking for a judge to sign off on the search warrant and they will be here and boxing up all plants inside and pulling them out. breaking overnight in hayward, police are investigating a hit-and-run accident rollover that happened at 7th at 1:40. officers are


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